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Why Turkey?

Reasons to Choose Turkey.

Each year, a lot of students go to different countries of the world for higher studies. Most of the students go to countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and European countries. But very few people know that these are not the only options.

Türkiye is an excellent choice for students who are looking for study-abroad opportunities. Türkiye has all the benefits a western country could offer and fewer drawbacks. If you are one of those people who can think out of the box, considering all the facts, you can easily put Türkiye on the top of your priority list.


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Which university do you want to study at?

Public University

Turkish public universities meet European education standards, offer Erasmus exchanges, internships,government dormitories, campuses free of politics at very low cost.

Privet University

Turkey has excellent private universities with top rankings, quality education, and opportunities to study in English, compensating for higher costs compared to public universities.

Medical University

Turkey's healthcare system is one of the world's best, with improving quality reflected in medical colleges. The country offers unprecedented job opportunities for doctors.

Language Institute

Turkish language proficiency is recommended for students whose medium of instruction is Turkish. Learning Turkish is also beneficial for socializing and interacting with locals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You need an agency to get admitted to a foreign university for the following: Proper guidance regarding courses, career prospects, university choices, admission process, accommodation, and much more. education consultants have contacts with universities abroad and can streamline your admission process.

Privet universities Start from an annual fee of $2000 and public universities starts from $300 and ranges vary according to the university’s quality, major, student qualification, and language of instruction.

The medium of instruction at Turkish universities is either English, Turkish, or Arabic.

Yes, you can get admission without a language proficiency certificate but you must enter a language proficiency exam before starting your course. Turkish medium students must complete up to B2 level Turkish before starting their university course.

Yes, you can. International students are allowed to work in Turkey after graduation. Especially when they have graduated from Turkish universities, which increases their chances of landing a job in Türkiye after graduation.

Yes, you can get merit-based scholarships from your university. You can also get other Marot and need-based scholarships from various charitable organizations that provide financial aid to students.