Medical universities in Turkey

Türkiye has a great education and training system for doctors. Unlike other countries, Türkiye does not teach medicine in separate medical colleges or institutions. Medicine is taught in the 'Tip Fakültesi' or Department of Medicine in the universities. You can study medicine in either public or private universities of Türkiye. The MBBS course in Türkiye is 6 years long with 5 years of study and an internship of 1 year. It is possible to study medicine in either English or Turkish languages, both being equally effective for making great doctors.


Job prospect for doctors in Türkiye is enormous. If you become a doctor in Türkiye, it is almost guaranteed that you to find a job in a government or private hospital or clinic. Doctors also earn a handsome amount of money in Türkiye. Turkish doctors can easily go and work abroad as doctors provided that they comply with the local regulations. And then there is the opportunity for private practice for doctors as well. All in all, people who successfully become a doctor in Türkiye are set for a financially stable life.


Since medicine students in Türkiye are essentially university students studying in the Faculty of Medicine, they get all the facilities that a university student in Türkiye would get. These include access to the huge university campus, the libraries, the sports facilities, the residential facilities, the canteens, and many more. Turkish public university campuses are very neat and clean, relatively big, and often located outside the city in a serene place close to nature. Turkish university campuses are safe and free of any political activities. Only students, staff, and faculty members are allowed to enter these highly secured campuses. There are central and faculty mosques for students to pray their daily prayers. Universities have gymnasiums and swimming pools which students can use for free. Under the Sports Faculty, other indoor and outdoor sports fields and pieces of equipment are also available. Almost all the universities have Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and rugby fields. The university campuses have huge centralized libraries with enormous collections of books. Most of the libraries are digitalized and the whole process of issuing and returning books is done using a student ID card or national ID card. While studying medicine in Türkiye, you won't have to face any politics in your institution, which is a big upside of studying in a Turkish university.


As a medicine student, you will be provided with a government or a private dormitory. The dormitories are neat and clean and are said to have a quality equivalent to that of a three-star hotel! The security of a student dormitory is as high as the campus itself. Dormitories have facilities like study rooms, mosques, entertainment rooms, laundry rooms, conference saloons, gymnasiums, football turfs, and many more. The catering service of dormitory canteens is centralized and standardized. Although students can rent a house, living in dormitories really makes life easier because students do not have to worry about groceries, cooking, cleaning, and other household work. This comes in handy especially for medicine students because the nature of their study does not allow them much time for household work. Living in a dormitory saves a lot of time for medical students for their time-consuming study sessions.


And finally let's address the elephant in the room, tuition fees. Let's be honest, studying medicine is not cheap. But some places are more expensive than others. Studying medicine in Türkiye is definitely on the cheaper side of the spectrum. Especially the government universities where students of Tip Fakültesi have to pay only an annual fee of 3500$. Studying medicine in private universities is a little more expensive, ranging from $12,000 to $14,000 annually. But compared to the expenses of studying medicine in countries like the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, or other European countries, this can easily be considered relatively cheaper, especially considering the study environment, facilities, and racism-free healthy social environment you get in Türkiye.