The Ottoman Group(TOG)
Citizenship & Residence Permit Service

A Quick Intro

Turkish Citizenship by investment is one of the coveted ones in the world. Turkiye has one of the fast-growing economies among the G20 countries. The universal healthcare, low cost of living, ease to open a business, and increasing number of tourist visitors make the country attractive to many foreign nationals to settle in Turkiye. The young and skilled population is also a magnet for companies to set up a branch here. The transportation infrastructure is one of the best if not great in Turkiye. Overall Turkiye is an excellent place for any non-Turkish to move here and the citizenship program gives that opportunity.

The Turkish Government offers several citizenship schemes and residence permits. The most prominent among them is to buy one or more than one property in total worth $400,000 for the fast-track citizenship acquisition. And the most popular and fastest way to acquire a residence permit for you and your immediate family is to buy a home worth more than $75,0000 and $50,000 in big cities and small municipalities consequently.

Turkish advanced and affordable health care system, business opportunities, quality education, and halal foods make living in Turkiye most desirable. With our service, you can settle your family in Turkiye which will ensure a safe and bright future for your next generation.