The Ottoman Group(TOG)
Export-Import Service

Turkiye is a global hub of world trade. the country is surrounded by seas in the north, south, and west making its geography uniquely qualified for the sea trade route. The location of Turkiye also gives the advantage of being the land that connects the west with the east. The positions provide the feasibility to enter the market of east and west. In addition to its obvious geographical benefits, the country's Export and imports have skyrocketed during the last decades. Even in Covid pandemic country witnessed a sharp rise in export.

The Turkish government's policy to boost export have made it a key player in the export and import field. The economy of turkey is one the largest in the world and being in G20 countries comes with some benefits as well. The heavy machinery industry has been growing steadily over the last couple of decades and is on the way to becoming a major player.

Whether you are looking to export to Turkiye or import from Turkiye, the Export-Import service of the Ottoman Group (TOG) is the ultimate solution you will require. The Ottoman Group (TOG) is the ultimate solution for your export and import need to and from Turkiye. We are working with the following products and more

  • Prefabricated House and Living Container
  • Elevator, Lift, Escalator, Moving Stairs
  • Heavy Textile Machinery
  • Medical and Clinical Equipment
  • Agricultural Machinery i.e. Tractor, Cultivator, Silage Machine, etc.
  • Turkish Olive Oil, Chocolate, Baby Food, Dry foods, etc.
  • Turkish Carpet and Prayer Mat
  • All Kinds of Government Approved Medicine
  • Industrial Refrigerator i.e.Hotel Deep Freezer
  • Home Appliances i.e. Washing Machine, Dishwasher etc.
  • Turkish Defense Industry Equipment
  • All kinds of Consumer Goods