The Ottoman Group(TOG)
Hajj & Umrah Service

The Ottoman Group (TOG) has the full package of the Hajj. As a company, we take inspiration from spirituality. And we are committed to giving our customers the best spiritual experience possible with high-end quality service and hospitality with our premium Hajj Package. There is no better time than now to fulfill your dream of visiting the land of the prophet and reconnecting spiritually to the creator of the universe. The Ottoman Group (TOG) is here to give all kinds of assistance needed by the Hujjaj and Umrah performers.

Our Hajj Services Include the following amenities:

  • Apply to get in the country quota beforehand
  • Comfortable Plane Journey
  • Finest and short distance Hotel with first-grade service
  • Helpful and Knowledgable Mutawalli with experience
  • Short training on how to perform Hajj
  • Includes a historical sightseeing tour based on the package.

Our different Umrah packages are:

  • Regular Umrah: only performing the mandatory duties of Umrah and coming back within the shortest time.
  • Umrah and Heritage Tour: this includes the main duties of Umrah as well as some extra days of traveling around historical places of Islam.

We offer the following services during Umrah:

  • Experienced and Knowledgable Leader of Umrah Group
  • Short training on rituals of Umrah by Imam.
  • Economic or first class air journey as per package
  • Nearest Hotel to the Haram to stay at night.
  • Regular high-quality Food or premium as per demand.
  • Visit the historical site of Islam as per the package.