The Ottoman Group(TOG) Education Packages

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Our Packages

We offer great prices, premium and quality services.

Basic Plan
Standard Plan
Premium Plan
Consultation over phone
Acquiring an acceptance letter
Certificate and mark-sheet translation & Notarization
Assistance with visa procedure
Proper academic guidelines throughout the duration of the study
Having power of attorney on behalf of the student
Acquiring the Turkish Student Certificate (Öğrenci Belgesi)
Language course registration
Turkish residence permit application
Live consultancy meeting via video conferencing
Sending all original documents to students via international cargo
Hotel booking/ student dormitory registration
Airport pickup from İstanbul
Health Insurance

Our Other Services

Before University Application

  • Expert consultancy meeting via video conferencing
  • University and department choice guidelines according to student's academic profile and preference
  • Assistance with gathering all required documents for university application
  • Draftworks for university application

Student Registration

  • University registration (Paperwork and Admission)
  • Having power of attorney on behalf of the student
  • Certificate and mark sheet Translation
  • Certificate and mark sheet notarization
  • Acquiring the acceptance letter
  • Acquiring the Turkish Student Certificate (Öğrenci Belgesi)

Visa Application & Travel

  • Getting an appointment for the visa center
  • Guideline on gathering All required document
  • Hotel Booking/ Student Dormitory Registration
  • Air Ticket Reservation
  • Sending All Original Documents to Students via International Cargo (Only for Premium Services

Arrival & Post-Arrival Services

  • Purchasing Air Ticket
  • Airport pickup with a car (From Türkiye)
  • One night stay in Istanbul (at a 4-star hotel)
  • Transportation to campus/city (BUS/AIR)
  • Health insurance
  • Turkish Residence Permit Application. (Paperwork and appointment)
  • Language Courses Registration (Turkish/English/Arabic according to requirements)
  • Academic Guidelines