Why Should a Student Choose TOG Educational Consultancy

We are an education consultancy agency experienced in the university education system of Türkiye. Our agency has expert employees with extensive knowledge and experience in the relevant field making sure all the official paperwork and procedures are completed smoothly and properly within the shortest period. Our agents are former students of various Turkish universities. The previous experience of our employees as students of Turkish universities makes us unique. It allows us to go one step beyond any other agency and find the most practical solution for real-life situations based on our own previous experiences.

We have the most flexible services among all other education consultancy agencies. We provide pre-application, application, admission, payment, arrival, and post-arrival services and offer regular service packages, premium service packages, and individual services. Our services cover every step of your application starting from getting oriented with the Turkish education system to choosing a university and program, application, and admission, and all the way to coming to Türkiye and settling in a dormitory. We make the process of studying in a foreign university smoother.

We are a licensed agency with official contracts with many public, private, technical, and medical universities. We can guarantee admission to your selected university provided that you meet all the criteria for admission. We stand by your side during the whole process from the beginning to the very end. Our service execution roadmap starts with taking orientation classes with the applicants. After that, we help you choose the program best suited for you according to your profile and wishes. Then we collect all the necessary documents from you and after doing all the necessary attestation, notarization, and equivalency, we send the documents to the university as part of the application process.

We collect the offer letter and Student Certificate or Öğrenci Belgesi from the university and send all necessary documents to you for your visa appointment. We provide adequate support and consultancy for your visa application as well. Our services don't just end there. After your visa processing, we help you with your ticketing, pickup from the airport, dormitory application and even leave you at your dormitory from the airport. Our students get access to free education consultancy throughout their whole study period in Türkiye.

Our vision is to make higher education abroad accessible to everyone. We look forward to a future where more and more students are inspired to study in the numerous great universities in Türkiye by being a reliable agency and helping aspiring students achieve their dreams. Choose The Ottoman Group Education Consultancy as your education consultancy agency and take the first step towards realizing your dream.